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Casa de 'Fiori

Casa de 'Fiori has two different locations:


Casa de 'Fiori al Biscione was born in 2006 from the project of a lively Roman merchant. The ancient building of the '700, located next door
to a 16th century building, recognized as a former Orsini stables, is being renovated and used as an accommodation facility.
The extraordinarily central location allows you to walk to the major attractions of the city in a few minutes:
Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Ghetto, Trastevere, Largo Argentina. Just off Piazza Campo de 'Fiori, and exactly in Piazza del Biscione, Casa de' Fiori offers its guests an experience
doc of "romanita '".

The square is in fact included in the area it once occupied
the theater of Pompeo. The façade of the former Orsini stables houses the eighteenth-century fresco of the “Madonna del Latte”, the destination of many photographers and art lovers of the most hidden Rome.
The opposite palace, Palazzo Pio Orsini, is a majestic palace with large windows and suggestive marble friezes of lions and eagles, symbols of the noble families to which the palace belonged.

From the windows of Casa de 'Fiori you therefore have access to a visual historicity of great impact, and more! The square is home to one of the oldest butchers in Rome, a family business handed down through generations. Piazza del Biscione is therefore a fascinating open-air theater, in which ancient and contemporary history intertwine daily, reactivating
the same energy of the ancient theater that once existed.

Santo Spirito 

Designed by the same audacious merchant, the headquarters of Casa di Fiori in Via del Banco di Santo Spirito is a ten-minute walk from the headquarters in Piazza del Biscione. The perspective of the street ends on the famous Ponte degli Angeli, which reaches the monumental Castel S. Angelo. Of particular pleasure is the walk around the castle during the summer season, full of musical and theatrical events.

Via del Banco di Santo Spirito has been converted into a pedestrian area, and therefore offers the possibility of  enchanting walks in the heart of the city.

Uniqueness of the location: the street is particularly quiet
and out of the crowd, yet St. Peter's and the Vatican museums
are within a five minute walk!

Of particular interest is the traditional street of antiques,
Via dei Coronari, perpendicular to via del Banco di Santo Spirito.

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